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MIME programs directed toward physicians include drug information and disease-state collaborative management programs (i.e. asthma, anticoagulation etc.) These collaborative practice management programs allow the physician and pharmacist to partner in an effort to improve patient outcomes. The physician group benefits of the collaborative practices include increased focus on Medication Therapy Management ( MTM ); reduced adverse drug events and disease state exacerbations for a net improvement in heathcare management efficiency.

MIME works with physicians as medication prescribers.

Physicians and other prescribers view the MIME pharmacist as a clinical drug information resource. Pharmacist interventions have been shown to improve outcomes through voluntary collaborative practice agreements. Patients only benefit when both physicians and pharmacists jointly manage and optimize a patient’s drug therapy.

The benefits of collaborative practice are manifold and include reduced delays in modifying drug therapy, improved patient concurrence with the planned drug therapy, early detection and prevention of adverse drug reactions and reduced emergency room and unplanned office visits. These benefits save the entire healthcare delivery system both time and money, while improving patient outcomes.