Dr. Gina McKnight-Smith will present a pharmacist CE program on March 21, 2015, at Howard University School of Pharmacy on "New Drugs of 2014".

Dr. Wallene Bullard will speak at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University on June 9, 2015.

MIME Outlook & Activities

MIME delivery via Qualified Specialists

To meet increasing organizational growth, MIME has developed a client management program that pairs business needs with the appropriate members of the MIME Pharmacist network

MIME delivery via pending technological access

The evolving technology that allows MIME to achieve the mobile service accessibility it envisions -- via secured log-ins and access codes -- is currently accessible through its many strategic relationships.

MIME leverages requisite resources through partnering relationships with local information technology ( IT ) development firms, ensuring viable contractual arrangements and availability for the growing technological needs of MIME’s interactive approach.

MIME delivery of healthcare empowerment for You!




Baltimore Times Article( )features Dr. Gina McKnight-Smith

MIME’s health empowerment and promotion activities have included: (partial listing)

Medication Therapy Management ( MTM ) reviews for seniors 

Host of Pharmacist Entrepreneurs Summit

Host of Health Professional Roundtables on the Role of Pharmacists

Host of “You and Your Pharmacist - A Roundtable Discussion on the Services that Pharmacists Offer"

Host of The Medicine Minute
(radio messages about pharmacist-patient interactions and proper use of medications)

Sponsor of the Health is Wealth medication management series
(informational sheets on specific disease states
and the medications used to treat them)


MIME, LLC Empowers International Health –

Dr. Wallene Bullard of MIME, LLC
accompanied the Washington International Medical Mission
as the lead pharmacist on medical missions in Africa

As the lead pharmacist on the mission’s Medical and Surgical team,
Dr. Bullard also trained local African health care providers.