MIME is owned by its original founders and managing partners: Dr. Gina McKnight-Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO);and Dr. Wallene Bullard, Chief Operating Officer (COO)MIME’s innovative, flexible management structure is designed for effective leverage and integration of health information and definition of comprehensive practices that promote genuine wellness.

MIME‘s current organization purposely structures it’s management team as concurrent wellness consultants and health coaches. From this core team vantage point, MIME orchestrates other pharmacists and providers that function as contractors on specific client-related projects or programs.


Due to its innovative nature, MIME pioneers a clinical pharmacy business model that counters the excessive expenses the healthcare industry is battling.

MIME access services are uniquely streamlined to consumers in the healthcare industry. MIME offers a payment model that is readily reproducible and demonstrates long-term cost savings of total healthcare dollars. MIME operates as a contract vendor with payer organizations to provide consultative services and in-services to payer participants (i.e. staff, employees, etc.)

MIME contracts with pharmacies and physician groups to provide clinical services through collaborative practice agreements and community-based pharmacist training. Individual consumers then have an opportunity to directly establish personalized and coordinated medication care plans using a direct bill system for any independent services that are rendered. Also, MIME offers case reviews services to the legal community to support the role of pharmacists as drug experts.

MIME’s overall goal is to create a pharmaceutical care business model that can be replicated in all healthcare settings where pharmacists interact with patients, physicians and payers. We believe that pharmacists are pivotal medication experts serving a vital role in the delivery of healthcare services. Drug-related problems in the United States exceed $177 billion each year – which is more than the cost of the drugs themselves. The MIME model provides pharmacists with the specific supports, supplemental skills, and added confidence, to deliver these cost-saving and life-saving services with the appropriate financial incentives.