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MIME services are flexibly designed to impact each level of its customer base with benefits tailored to any required aspect(s) that contribute to health and wellness care:


MIME programs directed towards pharmacies, pharmacists and any related associations include comprehensive training programs and refresher courses. These courses provide the pharmacist with the latest standards of clinical care for specified medical conditions to encourage more favorable outcomes. The pharmacies benefit by acquiring knowledge that leads to improved and reproducible techniques for medication therapy management ( MTM)


As a repository of clinical pharmacy expertise, MIME serves the profession by offering special training programs for pharmacists while seeking independent and collaborative consulting opportunities in drug therapy management. These pharmacists essentially become the first-line pharmacists to receive reimbursement for cognitive services. These highly-qualified pharmacy professionals then lead the profession in furthering MIME’s concept of viable, integrated, ambulatory clinical pharmacy practices.


Community pharmacies (both independent and franchise or chain) benefit by offering MIME training courses and tutorials to its community-based pharmacists who are the most accessible and yet underutilized healthcare resource.

The changes in the pharmacist workforce, as well as the expectations and requirements of the community in drug therapy management, are promoting a paradigm shift in the overall delivery of pharmaceutical care. More concise and reproducible standards of pharmacy practice are required of the profession. MIME remains on the cutting edge with its comprehensive training and refresher courses that are available to pharmacists and their employers.

Pharmacy Associations

Pharmacy associations shape the public image for the professions through various programs of service to the profession and to the community. MIME provides valuable assistance to these associations in organizing and arranging continuing education (CE) programs, community-based health events, formation and arrangement of internal speaker networks and a host of other clinical pharmacy program development initiatives.