MIME offers a range of relevant health services.

MIME’s integrative mission, philosophy and programs all focus on providing an enriching experience for all consumers of medications and medication-related services. MIME’s service offerings represent the next generation of pharmaceutical care, with pharmacists playing a major role as they apply their expert knowledge base and counseling experience to continually improve medication usage, save lives and save money.

are tangible, shared TOOLS for wellbeingMIME’s expertise focuses on delivery of viable custom assessment tools for wellness.

MIME applies its own customized approach via tangible assessments, tools and plans. MIME emphasizes that positive health strategies can only be determined after thoroughly gauging patient status and outlining optional actions. Initially, existing patient medication use is identified in MIME’s individual Medication Therapy Assessment Plan™. This comprehensive plan is prerequisite to MIME’s Medication Action Plan ™, which then outlines clear, actionable interventions by the patient and prescriber.

When combined, these MIME documents are designed to produce integrated care management that centers the patient as the healthcare team captain. Through this approach, patients become more aware of the impact of the medications that they use on their disease state(s), quality of life and budget. To guide patients in their healthcare empowerment, MIME currently offers:

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)™
services and plans

Medication Therapy Assessment Plan™(MTAP)

Medication Action Plan ™ (MAP)
MTM Plan (above) is a prerequisite.


MIME’s expertise also provides a breadth of information, dissemination and integration services that benefit many healthcare stakeholders, including, but not limited to:


Health Fairs, Workshops / Health Seminars and Clinics
( hourly, part, half day and full day options )

Health Fairs, Workshops / Health Seminars and Clinics
( hourly, part, half day and full day options )

Individual Medication Regimen Consultations
Initial Review, Follow-up, Periodic Medication Change
Assessments, and Annual Memberships

Small Employer (50 employees or less) Medication Regimen Consultations
Based on number of employee participants

Physician Collaborations
Assistance in managing drug therapy of select patients, opportunity to operate via collaborative practice agreements that may include incident-to billing options with no upfront costs to the practice

Pharmacy / Pharmacist Collaborations
Provision of services to pharmacies and pharmacy organizations that may include In-House Brown Bag sessions, Train-the-Trainer Programs

MIME conducts a host of learning activities on specific health topics, including but not limited to:

STOP Now! Smoking Cessation Clinic

Fit for the Kingdom Weight Management Clinic

and more…

Please call for pricing specific to
your health and wellness needs.