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MIME, LLC, a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and consultant company, is committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care. MIME partners with community organizations, health care providers, payers and patients to coordinate medication services and offer insight to improve overall health and wellness.

has evolved as a definitive health improvement company dedicated to empowering patients, providers and payers with positive healthcare decision-making tools specific to medication use.

MIME’s primary goal is providing expertise that approaches pharmaceutical care as a wellness opportunity for all consumers and providers of medications. Through their skill and complementary experience, MIME pharmacists comprise a best practice standard in the pharmaceutical field, enabling improved outcomes in drug therapy and adherence using evidence-based medicine.

MIME empowers patients by integrating essential health information resources thereby promoting understanding of optimum health while providing effective guidance for self-management.

MIME principals deliver over 50 years of combined expertise in the field of pharmacy with care ranging from hospital, community, long-term care, managed care, geriatrics, and pharmaceutical industry. As specially-trained pharmacists, they also offer expertise in the medical-legal implications of healthcare delivery, corporate compliance, formulary adherence and management – all applied with practice-based business solutions.