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The healthcare industry is constantly seeking ways to reduce healthcare costs. As an innovative health improvement and health empowerment company, MIME affords a creative response to such evolving healthcare market economics and demands.

The MIME approach provides an array of tools that extend beyond basic cost reductions to focus on improvement in the care and health outcomes of all consumers of medications.

MIME defines itself as a health improvement company on the cutting edge of momentum to impact health outcomes by improving patient self-management through pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapeutic methods.

MIME offers clinical services to patients, pharmacy associations, providers (physicians, pharmacies, and pharmacists) and all levels of payers. MIME’s patient services include personalized Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and disease-focused educational programs. Provider services include formulary management assistance, practice evaluation for evidence-based medicine and clinical pathway programs as well as collaborative practice agreements. Payer services include value-added programs to improve the health and productivity of employees and their dependents.

MIME contracts with pharmacy associations, physicians, pharmacies and payers (i.e. employers, health plans, etc.) to provide their specialized Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. MIME’s current experience in client services has been tailored to meet diverse organizational needs through call center and direct care services. MIME continues to expand and meet opportunities into broader areas that focus on positioning pharmacists as pharmaceutical care providers.